Body Empowerment Challenge


Ready to be the best you can be? Take the 7 day Body Empowerment Challenge to practice healthy habits that will help you to look better, feel better and BE better! The event begins on Monday, April 13 and ends on Sunday, April 19.

Monday: Drink 64-ounces of water a day (Eight 8-ounce glasses).
Tuesday: Try a new fruit.
Wednesday: Eat real, unprocessed foods all day.
Thursday: Try a new whole grain.
Friday: Substitute dessert for a fruit smoothie.
Saturday: Eat a meal with a variety of colored fruits and vegetables.
Sunday: Take a one mile walk, jog or run outside (if the weather is nice) & give yourself a pat on the back for working towards a healthier you!

This challenge is designed to get you STARTED on your lifelong journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Use the hashtag, #BodyEmpowermentChallenge, to post your progress. Get ready to make a difference in your life on April 13!


10-Minute No-Equipment Workout

The best kind of workout is one that doesn’t require any equipment because you can preform it in any location. This short, ten minute video has introduced me to some great exercise techniques and it’s perfect for days when I have a lot going on. Remember, whether you’re working out for ten minutes or an hour, anything is better than nothing. Get moving!

Accountability: The Key Factor Behind My Motivation

Last semester, I would spend thirty minutes on the elliptical about three times a week. I realize that anything is better than sitting down, but I knew I wasn’t giving myself the workout my body needed in order to get ready for summer.

After the holidays had passed, my healthy lifestyle was completely off track due to all of that tempting Thanksgiving and Christmas food. My roommate and I were serious about getting back into shape. She recommended that we sign up for classes at the gym. At first I was skeptical of her suggestion, as I liked having my own routine. After our first day of spin class, I never wanted to workout alone again. Here’s why:

1. It has become a part of our daily routine.image

It’s just like going to school or work. We create our weekly schedule and follow through with it.

2. The instructor pushes us harder than we would ever push ourselves.

If I’m working out alone, I’m constantly watching the time. Thirty minutes seems like a lifetime. In class, an hour seems like nothing because I’m too busy focusing on the instructor. When the instructor is yelling, “don’t you dare think about giving up yet,” it makes a difference in how hard I push myself.

3. We learn workout techniques that we’ve never heard of.

We’re constantly learning new exercises. I think it’s important to switch things up in order to work different muscles.

4. Everyone becomes committed to each other.

We have become a part of a community who are all reaching for the same goal: to get healthy and fit. When my friends go to class, I want to go to class because it’s fun and I’m motivated.

Ultimately, there’s something that works for everyone. This is what works for me and maybe it might work for you as well. Whether you enjoy your own personal daily routine, working with a trainer, running outdoors, taking a class or doing something else, it doesn’t matter. Find your niche, get motivated and have fun with it!